Earthquakes be damned!

In 1990, I went on my first trip around Europe. As my luck would have it, that was also the year the Gulf war started and I remember speaking to my mom from a phone booth somewhere in France while she begged me not to go to Turkey. I went anyways but at the time I was young and stupid and didn’t really think too much about world issues. I put my trust in the tour company I was with and that was that.

Now that I’m a bit (ahem) older, it’s with excitement and trepidation that I am packing for my trip to Ravenna. Only a few days ago there had been another earthquake, only this time it was in Ravenna. Which begs the question…why am I going there again? I’ll be missing a soccer game too and when I informed my coach, he just shook his head like I was crazy and begged me to stay.

My mom wants me to buy a whistle and a hard hat… but, what’s a girl to do? I might be older but am I necessarily wiser? One of the reasons I decided to go on this course was because since I moved to Italy I have been so overwhelmed with adjusting to my new life here that I had lost a bit of my adventurous Spirit. All my vacations have been spent visiting my husband onboard a ship or scuttling back to Canada to visit family and friends. All good times mind you, but when I started my journey alone 12 years ago I felt free and alive and courageous. Not worried and scared.

Italians are the most fearful people I have ever known. Which implores me to ask, how the heck did I end up here? So, off I go into the unknown to a town called Ravenna. Will there be another earthquake while I’m there? I hope not! Should I stop living my life and following my dreams for a what if? Certainly not!

I’ll never forget what my mom said to me 12 years ago when, at 34, I decided to pack up a great career in advertising and get a beach waitress job on Grand Cayman Island…”that’s nice honey, but are you sure you’ve got both oars in the water?” My reply to her was this…”No, I’m not, which is exactly why I’m going.” Normalcy drives me crazy! By the way…I now live in crazy Italy and my mom lives on a crazy Caribbean island 🙂

Two years ago I got stuck in a cable car in Stresa…seems that disaster finds me no matter where I go so I might as well enjoy the ride! Should I still buy the whistle though?

Here’s the information/link for the Mosaic Art school.


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6 Responses to Earthquakes be damned!

  1. katecrimmins says:

    You had me at beach job….Grand Cayman Island. Wow! You do reinvent yourself! Not sure a whistle would help with an earthquake though or perhaps you could blow it if you got buried under rubble and they couldn’t find you. Have a great trip!

    • Leah says:

      Yeah, I think the whistle could be useful…do you remember in the 80’s they made necklaces and called them rape whistles? Creepy thinking back. But they’re also on life jackets too! That’s how they saved Rose from the film Titanic!

  2. Your spirit reminds me of me when young. You go girl!

  3. kay says:

    Definitely a really shrill sports whistle. And maybe extra water in your bag… and keep an eye on your cell phone battery usage… perhaps avoid crypts unless they have really strong arch supports 🙂 You’ll be fine, take lots of photos of the mosaics in that wonderful church (if it is still standing…)

  4. Trish says:

    I would so love to do a mosaic course! I think they are incredible. Here on Barbados we have so much sea glass which my kids and I pick up on the beach I would love to turn them into a mosaic! Hopefully when I am in Italy next I’ll find the time to leave the kids with hubby and I’ll disappear to do that course! Funny that your mom is here in the Caribean as my mom is currently at my house until the end of July in Italy! Have fun and I am we look forward to seeing you pics of your art! Enjoy!

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