The Cleavage Chronicle

As promised, I am following up on recent post about turning into an “Italian”. I had written, in jest, that all I needed to complete the deal was get down all those crazy hand gestures and show more cleavage. Of course, as expected, at least one of my male friends had to comment on the cleavage part. So here is my response and the male reader shall remain nameless.

Dear Stephen,
I lied about the nameless part 🙂 As much as I appreciate your appreciation for my cleavage (or should I state all cleavage cuz you are a guy after all), let me point out one simple fact to you:

  • I live in Italy. Only once did I dare to wear a dress with the slightest amount of boobage showing and when I bent over that was it! I had four male students between the ages of 25-40 and I lost them completely! I asked them 3 times to ‘go to page 14’ until I realized that they were rendered deaf and dumb after a quick glance at the girls. HOLY COW! No wonder this country is on the brink of collapse. I don’t know what they put in the water here but the average Italian male cannot concentrate for a nanosecond the instant they see boobs, long legs, or long hair.I blame Berlosconi mostly because he controls most of the Italian media and this is all you see on Italian TV. Simple fact, the men here have never been weaned.But, I do appreciate you reading and commenting on my blog none the less and when I am back in Canada I would be happy to show some cleavage because I know  Canadian men are appreciative and more importantly, subtle about their appreciation 🙂

    Yours truly, Leah

    PS. My husband is NOT an exception to this rule…which is perhaps how I got his attention in the first place (so I am grateful for that) AND…more importantly, my mom reads my blog so keep your comments clean 🙂

    Question: Should I click ‘Nature’ as one of the categories for this post? lol


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6 Responses to The Cleavage Chronicle

  1. kay says:

    Aaah Leah, you do make me laugh. So it’s not just southern Italians? But I am discovering that if you live in Italy it’s not just Italian men, seems to be something in the water? Or is it just the mention of the word Italia? Yes, let’s blame our ex-leader…

  2. katecrimmins says:

    So it doesn’t just happen in New Jersey???? Maybe Italian men have too much testosterone? I love “boobage!” I must remember to work that word into a post somehow.

  3. I’m gonna say this. First off, thanks for the anonymity. 😉 Secondly, perhaps it’s not one way or the other but a happy medium that we need to embrace. It’s my thought (feel free to counter this thought with appropriate fact-based rebuttal if necessary) that North America still needs to learn a lot about embracing sexuality—hence the refrained, if not guarded attitude toward sexuality. There’s a difference of course between that and sexism, and I’d like to believe I know what those differences are, however I feel there’s still a perceived shame here in the skin we’re born in, albeit some might argue that too by showing examples of the infinite number of North American’s far from afraid to reveal a little too much of their birthday suit. That acknowledged, that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about showing off your body—whether it be thick or thin, tall or small—with class, good fashion and appropriate taste. I’ll let you in on a little secret, you could wear a potato sack to work and men will still wonder what’s beneath the burlap. Does that mean you wear night club attire to a classroom? No, but it doesn’t mean you cover it up either. What I’m getting at and what may be the most profound insight one could take from this is…… wait, some girl just swaggered by my office with a mini and and attitude, what were we talking about again? 😉

    • Dear S,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. When I lived in Canada it was the opposite in terms of embracing our bodies and owning our sexuality. I didn’t have the nerve to wear a bikini until I turned 30! How wrong is that? It took me that long to embrace my body and feel comfortable with myself. Yes, how very Canadian of me…we are such an over conservative country!
      But I think we both agree that there is a time and place for proper attire. I am sad that I have finally become comfortable with my curves but feel it necessary to cover up in order to be taken seriously as a teacher with my male students. Unfortunately, in this respect, we have not evolved much.
      You know me personally and know that my choice of clothing is never trashy, but clearly stylish or classy with just a hint of skin sends Italian men into a pack of panting, rabid dogs or worse under sexed teenaged boys with their first copy of Hustler! What’s a girl to do? So, I choose to take cover and save the girls for safer territory like the beach 😉
      For the record, I adore you and thank you for responding to this post personally. Only a real man would step up as I already knew you would.

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