Really? They ALL passed?

Okay, secretly I am thrilled that all my students passed their exam but WTF happened? I seem to recall a night of Prosecco and cookies followed by a blog declaration of rebellion if the British examiner passed one of my retarded students. Okay, maybe retarded is a bit strong…lets just say stupid! Oh, I am going to hell for this I’m sure but forget about being politically correct for a moment please and hear me out.

Claudia…we’ll just go on a first name basis to protect her minor status okay? Okay. So,here’s what went down with Claudia:

Week 8
Me: Claudia, where’s your book?
Claudia: Shrugs…mal di testa.
Me: Really? I’m sorry, then go home.

Week 9
Me: Did you do the homework Claudia?
Claudia: Mal di pancia.
Me: Ok, here we go again. Guess what? You’re giving me a headache with all your maladies.

Week 10
Me: Claudia, come here I want to test you for the exam.
Claudia: Huh?
Me: Swinging my arms at her and pointing at a chair next to my big teacher’s desk. Come here!!!! Now!!!!
Me: Hello. How are you today?
Claudia: I’m twelve.
Me: Shaking my head…lets try this again. How are you? Come Stai?????
Claudia: Bene.
Me: In English…
Claudia: Shrugs.
Me: Go sit down because you are going to fail the exam anyways.

Fast forward to the exam results and she passed! Sigh. What happened? I am not quite sure. Perhaps Claudia is just pulling at my leg to get laughs from the other students by frustrating the hell out of me. I even sent a letter to her parents warning them that she was retarded, sorry stupid…oops, did it again, just not applying herself, whew, that was hard to say.

So I’m not sure if I should find the examiner and kick some British butt, (sorry to any of my Brit friends but come on already people) or, just accept the fact that I underestimated Claudia and now her parents can gloat. No, option two is still unacceptable to me. I think I may need to kick some British butt!

But lets conclude with something important that I left out earlier. Last year I had a similar student named Marco. He was also passed against my personal judgement but this year he was in another teacher’s class and he failed level 2. So, it did eventually catch up to him. Also, I was teaching an all level 2 course but for some reason my boss decided that Claudia should be tested at a level 1, which is why she passed, albeit barely (she got a C). My boss didn’t tell me she dropped Claudia’s exam level to 1. But I will bet my pay cheque that if she does the level 2 next year she will fail unless she gets off her fat ass and opens the book!

Oh, I feel so much better now. Should I still kick some English butt? Or just have another Prosecco?


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1 Response to Really? They ALL passed?

  1. katecrimmins says:

    Go for teh Prosecco!

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