Just call me Princess Leah

Although Miss Regina Coco is the Queen of the household, I feel that I’m doing a pretty good job at holding up my end as Princess too.

Last Tuesday, my friends and I played laser tag for the first time ever. It was a blast, even if I was constantly being shot dead and the stupid gun kept talking to me in Italian, I still managed to get all sweaty and feel great afterwards.

Then, the following night, I had soccer practice. After painting and hanging curtains on the long weekend, I failed to really ‘rest’ and the laser tag kinda knocked me out a bit. I was tired and started to get a sore throat but we were getting our new team uniforms and I didn’t want to miss the excitement.

To spur me on further, I decided to finally buy some proper soccer shoes. I could hear my mom’s voice in the back of my head…”you only get one pair of feet in this life so be sure to treat them well”. So, I bought myself some fancy Addidas and dropped 100 Euros at Footlocker (by the way, this is the ONLY store in Genoa that knows how to rock customer service – I’m a big fan and will shop there again).

My new Darth Vader soccer shoes. I’m too sexy for my shoes, too sexy for my shoes, too sexy for my uh, uh, uh…

I flew across the field at lightening speed and even scored another goal (insert applause here – second time in my entire life so this is monumental people come on!) Seems that these new shoes are magic and the new uniform is kinda cute too! Yes, it’s green, but the blue accents complement it nicely.

I even adopted my sister’s old jersey number #11. I had originally polled my family for which name to put on the back but in the end I just put LEAH. The other girls don’t know me very well and I figured that if someone was screaming at me because the ball was heading for my face one syllable beats three 🙂

The only thing is, it’s Saturday night and I’m at home with the flu (perhaps I overdid things a bit). I think my bar hopping days are also over because I now own four pairs of athletic shoes and only one pair of stilettos! I always seemed to do these things in the wrong order, but better late than never I suppose. I would model this new jersey for you but it looks a lot better on the hanger, haha.

Vertical lines Cyndy!  Do I look any thinner?

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5 Responses to Just call me Princess Leah

  1. Cyndy says:

    I want action shots of you scoring your goals!!!! Who’s out there taking the pictures? There must be some husband or boyfriend doing photo duty!! I want action shots!!!
    oxoxoxo!!!!! (yes, vertical lines, excellent choice :))

    • Oh, I don’t think we are ready for action shots yet Cyndy. I sat on the bench to watch part of our game and was embarrassed to see how disorganized my team is. We are just a bunch of over enthusiastic mom’s chasing each other with no strategy whatsoever, haha
      I also seem to have acquired the fullback/defense position lately and had to Google what the heck I am supposed to be doing! All I know is I am supposed to stop the other team from scoring and run a lot! I think our coach has the misconception that I can run fast because I am the tallest girl on the team, so I sprint like a gazelle in my mind but probably look more like an elephant on a skis. I do my best not to disappoint.

  2. Cyndy says:

    glad you caught the one syllable blooper – take heart, your name is short and visually pleasing above the 11 – I’m sure that’s what you meant

  3. Miss regina coco looks epic 🙂

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