I’m just a rockin’, bakin’, handyman

It all started on my first vacation with my husband years ago. I figured that because he was a “Navigational officer”, that he would also be good at reading road maps. However, I was wrong. Go ahead, insert your best Captain Schettino joke here, but all kidding aside, I would kill my husband if he even thought about abandoning his ship and slipping into a convenient life boat!

But let’s get onto other topics shall we? My husband likes to climb trees. Olive trees in fact and he can spend hours up there cutting and pruning. One year I bought him the fanciest tools I could find for these jobs primarily so that he would stop climbing the trees. I had visions of him falling out and leaving me to rescue his sorry ass. I’m not good with that sort of thing which is why I’m a teacher and my beloved sister is the nurse.

This year I was a bit perplexed about a Christmas gift for him but then I remembered that all his tools were old and inherited from his dad. Maybe some new tools were in order? Maybe even a cordless drill? Fancy that! I’ve only seen my husband repair a few things and usually it was with a rusty, manual screwdriver.

I recruited Zio Aldo and we went shopping. I bought the most profession toolbox I could find and spent a small fortune. My husband came home and I asked him to hang a picture…that took a week. Seems that this new drill had all sorts of bits but not the one he needed! Sheesh, I spend some serious cash on this thing and now you’re telling me you can’t hang a simple picture without a trip to the hardware store?

It came with two battery packs that charge in ten minutes and a whole array of screwdrivers. This sucker is the bomb!

Now the picture is hung, and I’m happy. But wait, what about the new curtains I bought? Crap. Hubby is gone and I’m alone again. Can I do this? Should I dare to drill a hole in the wall and hang the curtains myself?

Turns out, yes I can! It took me about twenty minutes to figure it all out with the various drill bits but I did it!

And all while baking a Quiche for lunch. I have really outdone myself this time. Maybe I should give up teaching and become a “Rockin’, Bakin’, Handyman” 🙂

About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to I’m just a rockin’, bakin’, handyman

  1. Oh yu are just such a surprise to your mother who has yet to master a drill. I’m proud of you and that quiche looks edible or is it a fake for the sake of a picture. Will never forget the time you asked me how to cook rice (over the phone) and then the next day berated me for not mentioning you had to cover the pot. You’ve come a long way baby. Love Mom

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