Revenge of the Armadio

A while back Mama drove me to the brink with her obsession about the wardrobe in the new apartment (armadio in Italian). “Liiiiaaaaa, queste e bruttisima, buttaria subito”…”Leah, this is soooo ugly, throw it out immediately”. And, when I refused she was beyond herself with frustration. She even asked the landlord (it belongs to him), if we could ‘get rid of it’ and surprisingly he said okay.

Now just to keep things in perspective here…this armadio is HUGE. It takes up a third of the bedroom and admittedly it had a weird smell and was a bit ugly too. But I needed it! Italian homes don’t have closets. So, after much stress and arguments with Mama, I got a terrible chest infection and lost my will to argue. I gave in and let Mama buy a new armadio but also held my ground on the old one staying too. I countered that her son would be arriving soon and he needed space to put his clothes too and wouldn’t it be nice if he finally moved some of his crap from her apartment? BINGO! The armadio stayed.

Fast forward six months and I finally got that weird smell out of it but Mama was right. It was very ugly and as big as an elephant. Ideas were tossed around in my head about painting it but the panels were made of some kind of woven material and I honestly thought that painting it would just make it look bigger and uglier in the end, until…

I saw a video on decoupage. Could it work? Could I cover the panels with some nice paper and polish it up to look new? I consulted Elora, she is crafty and smart. We headed to the store and I had a list of ‘potential projects’ scribbled with measurements on a scrap of paper. I spotted some really nice wallpaper. Could this work? Is it worth spending 50 Euros to find out? “Hell yeah!”

And here is where it all came together:

I started by putting a base coat of the glue on. I used Readymix super strong glue which thankfully didn’t smell bad. This seemed to harden the fabric and remove its super-absorbency. Then after waiting a few hours I measured and cut out the paper and started to apply a second layer of glue and the paper. It went on so easy that I had done three small panels in no time at all and only called it quits after I stabbed myself with the exacto knife three times! (Yeah, I know. Maybe I should search for a safer hobby?)

A few days later Elora came over to help and we were able to document a bit of a step-by-step photo tutorial. And, here it is!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Revenge of the Armadio

  1. katecrimmins says:

    But what did Mama say? Did she approve?

  2. Ahhh, Mama doesn’t know yet! I plan to surprise her. I will go see her this weekend and bring pictures and let ya know!

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