So maybe I’m not an Easter foodie?

So far I have survived the Easter weekend intact. I think this is the first time I’ve stayed in Italy for Easter since I moved here. Mama served up a small feast yesterday and I slowly escaped into the bedroom for a nap afterwards. All that heavy food (and perhaps the paint fumes at my apartment) just made me tired.

What’s on the menu…no Colomba, but I can always go to the store tomorrow and score one on sale. Mama served up a pasta called “Cimi di Rape” (Google translation: fertilizers for turnips). I’m pretty sure I must be spelling it wrong but what the hell do I care? It was green, looked like spinach and tasted like garlic. Then there was lamb, which was baked in a heap of oil and herbs. The meat was tender and good but I find lamb to be very strong tasting and so I only ate a small portion. There were also roasted potatoes again dripping in some oily, herby sauce. The dessert was an almond cake with a thin layer of green cake which was apparently made with pistachios.

I know, I’ll bet your mouth is watering right? All in all, it was a tasty lunch but not one I wish to repeat anytime soon. All that heavy, greasy food just made me sleep! And turnips in pasta? Whose idea was that??? Last night for dinner I ate a bowl of steamed asparagus with butter and salt, Amen.

Today it is grey and dull out. I really should get off the couch and go for a walk…but I always need a destination for my walks and it’s a holiday here and the gelateria is probably closed 😦


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