Coco’s got the blues

It’s five in the morning and Coco is howling at the door. For weeks she has been stealing my husband’s favourite chair in the living room…while all the months before she acted like it didn’t even exist. Life has been quite full with family visits, trips to the gelateria and hikes. So, poor Coco has been somewhat put aside for maximum cuddles from me and I think she may in fact be a bit jealous of my husband. Which is why I don’t understand why she is howling at the door while he prepares to leave us for three months? Is she meowing “take me with you? It’s about time you left? or “Daddy, don’t leave us!”?

What I expected is that she would be doing a bit of an Irish jig knowing she would have me all to herself again but I guess perhaps she was just getting used to sharing me and she did seem a bit fond of the extra belly rubs she was getting.

Easter weekend is upon us and I’m off work until next Wednesday. YIPEE! Normally, I would be sailing for Easter but as my husband just left a few days ago the timing wasn’t right. It’s always difficult when he leaves and I roll over in bed to an empty space. But, lo and behold, Coco is there in a snap to take up any extra kisses.

With so much spare time on my hands now, I am grateful for a bit of a break. Having a husband full-time is exhausting!

Next stop…painting the bedroom and Easter lunch at Mama’s (which I am sure will provide more blog material for the future)

Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter!


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2 Responses to Coco’s got the blues

  1. Happy Easter to you dear Leah, I hope to see you soon!

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