It’s Spring! Lets eat outside!

The best time to come to Liguria is in Primavera. The air is fresh and everywhere you look you will be dazzled by colour. Today we went to a cousins olive grove way up on a hill above Recco and overlooking the sea. I think it is worth mentioning that the cousin (3rd) is in his 80’s and that you cannot get to this place by car.

We met up with him on his scooter and gave him a hand as he was loaded down with bags of food. He even fell on his ass on the way down the steep trail and didn’t even flinch! He just got up and carried on. There were about sixty people or more there…I lost count. There is a tiny shack in the middle of the property and a chicken coop too. We have harvested the olives here with family members and it is always a big foodfest.


This time was no exception. Everyone brought a dish and there were an average of six bottles of wine per table which were replenished quite quickly. Then there was the meat…an outdoor fire-pit was set up and mounds and mounds of meat was barbecued with spikes of Rosemary picked from a nearby branch.

Needless to say we ate for the next 3-4 hours and I just wanted to crawl under a tree and have a nap.

But there was one odd dish that I had never had before and so it is worth mentioning here. Admittedly, I have grown accustomed to these types of eating frenzies and so has my waistline. I won’t list all that we ate here but for this dish, which was deep fried. They were lemon tree leaves battered in castagna (chestnut) flour with some lemon zest. Now you are not supposed to eat the leaf too but they were quite tasty when sprinkled with white sugar! 


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5 Responses to It’s Spring! Lets eat outside!

  1. Lucy says:

    Sounds like a brilliant experience! I’d definitely take a bite out of that leaf too. Gorgeous photography 🙂

  2. Jealous!!! I miss a good grigliata!

  3. katecrimmins says:

    You make everything sound so fun!

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