Fireflies, soccer moms and alien hookers

When I was ten I joined a local soccer team. Growing up in a small town full of Italian immigrants, soccer was the number one sport. My team was called the “Fireflies” which pretty much sums up how much we got teased and lost every game. We were just a bunch of ferry girls running in all directions without a clue how to play.

Fast forward 36 years and here I am sitting on my couch with aches and pains in places I never knew existed…why? Because I somehow got coaxed into joining a soccer team here in Italy, that’s why! I was recruited to a “mommy calcio team” by one of my friends.

Let me just start by referring you to my past as a “Firefly”…our uniforms were electric blue.  My shirt got wrinkled the first week so I ironed it and melted the front over the left xxx and was subsequently teased the rest of the season (remember I was only ten). I never understood the rules and NEVER SCORED A GOAL…EVER. In fact, I don’t think my team won a single game.

Now, I am on a team of mostly Italian women who grew up with a soccer ball under their bed.Their husbands, brothers and now kids ALL play soccer! They’re mostly 10 years younger than me and some of them even have cleats! I’m also not a “mommy” unless they somehow think Coco is my kid and not my cat…you know, lost in translation, lol.

But last night we had our first practice and I had a ton of FUN! Albeit today I am cursing the coach for all my muscle aches but I felt so energized afterwards that I washed away all my past miseries and social embarrassment of being a “Firefly”.

And while I’m on the subject of Italian moms you have to watch these videos on Youtube by Daniel Franzese. These are hilarious!


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2 Responses to Fireflies, soccer moms and alien hookers

  1. katecrimmins says:

    You are very courageous!

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