Roger who?

No, not Roger Rabbit…Daltrey.

Who’s he? He is the lead singer of The Who.

The what?

The Who. You know, famous British rock band from when we were kids?

Nope. Don’t know him or them…whatever.

Come on, England is on your side of the pond…if I have heard of them surely you have.

What does he sing?

Well, how about Pinball Wizard from the rock opera Tommy? You know Elton John sang it in the film.

Nope. Are they the same as Deep Purple?


Okay, well we’re going to Carlos Felice Theatre to see him perform Tommy.


Roger Daltrey!

Three weeks later…hubby in chair chin supporting head.

Wife (me) singing and screaming like I am 17 again. Isn’t this great? I go hysterical when Pinball Wizard starts…honey, honey, do you know this one?


Finally, near the end of a three hour performance I’m tired and thinking holy crap Roger Daltrey is 68 years old and doesn’t look the slightest bit tired. He breaks into Teenage wasteland lyrics like he’s still 20 I’m waving and clapping along.

Hubby says I know this song.

Geez Louise it’s about time!

Summary: Roger Daltrey kicked some Genova butt lastnight and performed like a rock star, my neck is sore today from head banging and clearly my husband was a bit of a nerd when he was a kid. Will I ever grow up? I hope not 🙂


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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