Aix V

Have you ever seen so much crammed into a long weekend? What’s left? Well, some small stuff like the great meal we ate at L’Alcôve on our first night and why we didn’t go to the Sextius Terme (spa), when I have admitted here that I am a bit of a spa slut (read my top five list here) but the reasons are many…

1. I couldn’t find much information about this particular thermal bath on the Internet.
2. Their website did not list prices…this really annoys me!
3. Even Tripadvisor had little to say and the Aquabella hotel which is associated and attached to the Terme had mediocre comments.
And lastly,
4. They wanted 45 Euros per person just to use the pool, gym (yeah right), sauna and steam bath!

So in a nutshell Aix en Provence was pretty cool. I liked it a lot and would go back just for the champagne at happy hour! What can I say? I’m a sucker for bubbles.

But wait! There’s more…there’s still time for a Sunday drive home with an automatic french fry machine and perfume tour in Grasse! Don’t miss it, it’s coming soon to a Theatre near you!


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