Aix part IIII

Paul Cezanne was born in Aix en Provence so it is no wonder that there is an artistic vibe to the culture here. In fact, the mountain Saint Victorie has been featured in many of his paintings.

We took a day trip to Avignon and aside from exploring the wine cellar, I know that must be shocking, of the “fake Pope” (apparently there were two of them battling it out a few centuries ago and my husband, being Italian, refers to the French Pope as the “fake one”). We also found ourselves in a private art gallery called THE MUSÉE ANGLADON. I really liked this collection because it was eclectic. There were paintings by Cezanne, Picasso and Manet as well as some by the previous owners of the house. Artists themselves, they inherited the collection from Jacques Doucet, (1853 – 1929) who was a couturier and clearly an extremely successful one: the museum includes some photos of his workshops and of ladies of fashion in extraordinary, gigantic hats visiting his salon

Upon our return to Aix we realized that it was Friday night and our usual parking lot was full. Luckily I had the foresight to print a map of the area with all the parking mapped out and one-way streets! Thank you Google! A mere block away on the opposite side of our B&B, and viola.

On our walk back we strolled a new street and discovered two art shops. We went into Galerie Imbert and promptly fell in love with a painting of olive trees. Which is no big surprise considering my husband owns about 300 trees on a hill in Portofino! How could it not be love at first sight? We slept on the idea of buying the painting. It was affordable, we loved it…but should we buy it? It might be worth noting that I always bring home a fridge magnet as a memory of our journey but this was no 3 euro trinket. We rationalized that we skipped visiting the local terme (more on that later) and saved money and so we bought it! For the record, the champagne was drank afterwards to celebrate our acquisition.

Vive la France!

Artist: François Lim


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6 Responses to Aix part IIII

  1. Kaylissa says:

    You will get many, many, years of joy from that lovely painting! Much better than a fridge magnet :-). It is worth every euro cent.

    I’d love to have a reproduction even.

    Enjoy your time with hubby home.


  2. I don’t blame you. That painting is captivating!

  3. François Lim and I are having a tea in our gallery. He just pointed this blog to me and I remember you very well. I am glad to see that this painting is giving you so much joy Leah!

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