Aix part trois

In some of my previous posts I have mentioned my love of Violet gelato and Rose Petal Jelly. These are two specialties of France but also difficult to find. So, of course I had a mission…to find both. I lucked out on the first evening and found both flavours of jelly in two different shops but the gelato was a bit more elusive.

Which brings me to our dinner at “La Brocherie“. As we wandered aimlessly through Aix I decided to check out a menu board for a restaurant on some side street. “Look honey! They serve Côtes de boeuf.” We promptly went inside and made a reservation for that evening. The fact that there were wagon wheels hanging from the ceiling and an open fireplace in the center of the restaurant was a pretty good indication that these people were serious about their beef.

I like my steak cooked…and Côtes de boeuf is thick. So, the owner cut ours in half and cooked mine a bit more than my husband’s. This scored major points for me. The young waiter also spoke English. We filled ourselves to the gills with red wine and beef and then shared a dessert. “Glaces aux Fleurs” -one plate-four scoops of gelato…the flavours were: Lavender, Thyme, Verbena and Violet. Surprisingly, the best was the Thyme as hubby and I battled it out with our spoons for more.

Lastly, after paying the bill, the waiter ran after me to present a yummy basket of cocoa covered chocolates…not the entire basket of course, I was just to take one. Ahhh, parting with such sweet sorrow…

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  1. Not sure if any of my readers caught my typo…I wrote husbands which would have implied I had more than one instead of the possessive husband’s…teehee!

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