Aix en Provence, France

Let me just start by saying that I’m pretty sure I drank enough champagne this past weekend to keep the French economy going for the next millennium 🙂

Enroute from Genoa I was greeted by sweeping hills of mimosa in full bloom. Now I think I know where the song “fields of gold” originated from. Alongside the autostrada they were growing wild everywhere and to think that I used to think that a mimosa was just an orange juice and champagne cocktail!

Likely, the best time to go to Aix is in summer so that you can see the lavender plantations spread across the countryside, but when you are married to a sailor you go when Popeye is on ‘shore-leave’.

Our B&B was called “L’epicerie“…which translates to “the grocery”. The fact is, it used to be an old grocery store in the 1950’s so where better to dig into a yummy breakfast at the start of your day?

Our first morning we were greeted with fresh bread, homemade jellies and quiche all prepared by our host Luc. Our room was perfect (jacuzzi tub was a big bonus!) and we woke up to the smell of breakfast wafting through the corridors and luring us in to eat.

Everything was within walking distance and we found ourselves wandering the flower market on our first morning and I was begging my husband to load up the car with these gorgeous blossoms!
 We also discovered that all the locals had these cute straw bags that they shopped with. I calculated that a bottle of wine, 1 baguette and a whole fish would fit and that’s about all! Which is perhaps why they have these fresh markets almost every day.

We strolled the Boulevard Cours Mirabeau and giggled trying to impersonate the French pronunciation which sounded to us like MiraBOOOO! Perhaps that was after several glasses of champagne but who’s counting?

We also tried to keep count of the hundreds of water fountains but that just made me thirsty. Every day we discovered a new street to explore and more treasures.

There are far too many places and things to list here so stay tuned for some details on where we ate and what we did…we even came home with a painting! Perhaps it was all that great food, fresh air and ummmm…Champagne!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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