Truffle oil and gas

For the record, I have got a nose like a hound. Not the shape or size, thank God, but I can smell fire from miles away. Which is perhaps why I have such terrible allergies…I’m sensitive to everything! In fact, my husband claims that my nose is so sensitive that I could probably find wild truffles…perhaps I should give that a go one day?

But, for the love of truffle, I must also tell you about our aperitivo last night. We were actually paint shopping and I told my husband that I wanted purple like the violetta gelato which is my favourite flavour (note: I’m also crazy for the candied flowers which happen to be about 125 Euros a kilo!). Hubby had never tried it so on our way home we stopped in Piazza Rossetti, which has a nice gelateria. Unfortunately, the “gusto violetta” is not in season yet so we opted for a cocktail instead.

Heaps of food arrived that we didn’t order. It’s an aperitivo, so you get a mini-meal with your drinks. I ordered an “Americano”, which is soda, Campari and some other mysterious liquid. French fries and pasta arrived…sip, sip. Pizza and salami sandwiches arrived, sip, sip…then, no kidding, a fried egg with truffle oil drizzled on top! I squealed with delight, honey, I love this place! I had forgotten altogether my disappointment about the gelato. For 2 cocktails we spent 14 Euros and had enough food to skip dinner!

So back to my nose for a minute. Yes, I could smell the truffle on the egg before I even tasted it. I often think I should have had a career in the perfume business but then I would also have to make an investment in the Kleenex business too.

But…having such a delicate nose has its drawbacks. For example, let me share my Friday evening with you:
Put five, four-year-old kids in a small room for an English lesson. One hour of doing the hokey pokey and reciting the alphabet probably doesn’t sound all that strenuous unless of course one of them has really bad gas!

Happy weekend…CIAO! xo

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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