Mushrooms anyone?

Who knew you needed a licence to pick mushrooms in Italy?
I certainly didn’t until today…

Don’t ask me why I stumbled on this tidbit of information because I was actually searching for a new spa! I mean honestly, I obviously am not much of a gourmet chef for one thing and aside from the fact that I like eating good food I am hardly going to spend my leisure days bending over in a field to find mushrooms! Which in fact I don’t even like all that much.

Now if I thought I could easily find truffles and be 100% sure they wouldn’t poison me that would be for a different post…besides those suckers can make you rich, rich, rich!

Anyways, my biggest event this week has been monitoring Coco’s digestive system to be assured that damned hairball has passed through.

But back to the mushrooms…you can get a licence for the day, year, resident and non-resident, etc. if you are over 65 you don’t pay for it. In some areas you have to go to mushroom school! I mean after all, the website quoted that approximately 40,000 Italians die (oops, I meant are poisoned) each year from mushroom poisoning so this can be serious business. Also, you are required to collect them only in wicker baskets so that the spores will spread through the forest.

This actually could be kinda fun like Little Red Riding Hood, skipping through the forest with her basket of goodies. Just don’t send Mama out there…she does a fine enough job trying to poison me with expired dairy products!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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