Food for a King

Today was a Mama day. With hubby back for two months Mama has decided to roll up her sleeves and cook some yummy Italian food for her only son…my husband. So you see, we all get to eat better when he arrives!

Today she made her famous sauce for ravioli. I was in heaven and told her I wanted the recipe but she said I would have to swear not to post it on Facebook. She obviously doesn’t know me well enough yet because I am far too lazy to type a recipe for Facebook! Besides, I lived with her for three years and was clearly too lazy then to wake up at five a.m. To discover her kitchen secrets.

But what really makes me laugh is that she actually knows what Facebook is. Or at least she knows about it from the Italian news because she is usually glued to the Tv all day.

Coco also came for the day and got her share of cuddles but unfortunately she was not her usual social tramp self and she mostly hid in the bedroom. For the past few days she has been trying to hack up a hair ball and I think she has got a tummy ache…it may be time to grow some grass in the house!


And just like normal I have once again segued from yummy Italian food to cat hair balls in one post! So, just to round things up, here is a photo of the yummy cake I baked. (see note above regarding recipes FYI-i got it from Elora so go bug her blog if you want it, hehe)



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2 Responses to Food for a King

  1. katecrimmins says:

    It all sounds like wonderful comfort food!

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