Grannies, chocolate chips & flannel sheets

It’s my last stop in Charleston, South Carolina before flying back to Italy. Today was a series of frustrating events but I am determined to see the glass as half full and not half empty. After all, I’m a horn tootin’ sailor and I have no choice.

My day started with a 6 a.m. wake-up call. Some nameless crew member ill-informed my husband of the Immigration procedure and told him I had to report to the U.S. Customs officials at 6:30…she was wrong! I then went to the front desk to yell at anyone who would listen…not a good start to the day. Too awake to go back to bed I decided to check my email…and found out my grandmother died yesterday. Sob 😦

I decided although it was freezing cold outside that I needed to get off the ship for some fresh air…but when I got to the gangway they wouldn’t let me off. I had no luggage and this somehow baffled them beyond any common sense. I explained that I would be back later and not to fret but they needed to confirm that I could leave. It still baffles my mind that I can know more about ship’s policies than the security guard, frightening really.

After the news of my grandma, I would hardly say that I was in a charitable mood as I wanted the throttle the idiot who made me wait to get off the ship. Then at Customs the officer wanted to know why I was travelling with a Canadian passport if I lived in Italy and all I’m thinking in the bubble over my head “is the world full off stupid people or is it just me?”. You can’t tell me I am the first person he has ever come across, in his job as a U.S. Customs officer, who lives in one country but was born in another!

Finally off the ship, I met up with my friend Michaela. We ate steaks for lunch and shopped at Walmart. I bought chocolate chips because you can’t buy those in Italy. I bought my best buddy flannel sheets, I bought Jif peanut butter! My grandma was just shy of her 90th birthday. I will miss her. I took her for granted. She had a long, healthy, full life. She had probably done more cruises than me!

I choose to see the glass as half full because I’m a horn tootin’ sailor and my gran would have been happy with that, but can somebody please inject some brains into some of these people here?

Popeye sends his love 🙂


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Grannies, chocolate chips & flannel sheets

  1. kay says:

    So sorry to hear about your Grannie. It’s good that you weren’t “home alone” when you got the sad news, even with the frustrations you encountered.

  2. Enrico says:

    I am sorry for your loss Leah…

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