Oops! I Kissed my new landlord!

Never to be one short of embarrassing stories, my latest one goes something like this…

A) Follow Mama’s strict dress code and go to meet potential new landlord. (Mama comes along and has a mile long list of demands!)

B) Landlord seems to like me and hands me the keys immediately!

C) Being Canadian this is a bit odd to me so I decide to hold off until contracts are signed before making the official move.

D) Meet landlord again for signing of contract without Mama. Explain as best as possible that I’m a simple gal and that the list of demands are all Mama’s. (Apparently the Taj Mahal needed some tweaking for her son…are all Italian mothers this demanding?)

E) Grateful for the fact that my husband and I had a simple wedding in Canada without any “family interference” from you-know-who.

F) Finally start making plans.

G) Go to meet new landlord again to get keys and instructions for some fancy safe that is in the bedroom wall…I kid you not! I think that’s where I will store my tiara : )

H) Upon leaving new landlord’s office I mistake his open armed gesture (He’s kinda a grandfather type) as the Italian tradition of kissing both cheeks so I kiss him on both cheeks to which he replies “oh, I have a cold, you shouldn’t have done that I was just going to walk you out!”

I) Turn a thousand shades of red, die of embarrassment and get the hell out of his office before he gets the wrong idea!!!

How was your week? Have you kissed your landlord lately?

And not to be outdone…stay tuned for what follows in my next post as Mama’s list of demands throw me into a tailspin of wishing I could just pack up Coco and run away back to Canada…snow be damned!

About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to Oops! I Kissed my new landlord!

  1. Nancy DiFinizio says:

    Easily see how that could happen. Shame on him for saying what he did and embarrassing you. I thought Italian men more gallant than that?

  2. Hahaha! So funny Leah 🙂 !
    Don’t go away, be patient as you are…
    I’m happy you have a new apartment, hugs dear!

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