Mama! Where’s my cheese?

I’ve been camped out at Mama’s for going on 2 weeks. At first I came here for a visit then she convinced me to stay the week because I had a heavy schedule and Coco needed company. I know this was just an excuse and I grabbed it with both hands and jumped into the ring willingly. I have reached the half way point of my husband’s contract and was feeling a bit lonely myself so why not use Coco as an excuse to hang out?

One week turned into two because we had a holiday tucked in there and an extra long weekend. I had planned to go back to my tiny apartment with Coco but then the rain started and now we are stranded here until they lift the car ban.

Not knowing the full extent of damage near my apartment I will first take a bus into town to scope things out before getting Coco into a car to take her home. If Mama had her way I would just leave her here forever I think.

But some things never change. I have bought cheese three times only to find it has disappeared overnight from the fridge! When will I ever learn? The thing is the first couple of times I wasn’t that bothered but then she ate all the bread and the rest of the parmesan in an eating frenzy last night!

Mama! Where's my cheese?

Note: the Nutella has mysteriously disappeared too!
I went to the supermarket yesterday…*sigh*


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4 Responses to Mama! Where’s my cheese?

  1. Cyndy says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Loved it, put a cooler under your fridge to store your cheese next time ahhaha

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