Genova is underwater!

It all started last night with a bit of drizzle. The forecast was for heavy rain and I was already dreading having to go out in it when I woke up at 2 a.m. to see bent over trees and raging water. By midday my appointments were cancelled as I started hearing tales of flooding all over the city.

After four years of living in Genova I have grown accustomed to the high winds and wet winters but I have never seen anything like this! Six people have already died and the streets look more like a hurricane has passed through as water levels rose and tossed cars on top of one another or underwater.

We live on the fourth floor but water was gushing through a closed-door in the stairwell on the second! We are now in a state of emergency and I am just grateful that I am safe and dry at Mama’s. They have turned off the gas for the central heaters but at least we still have electricity. Elora is in the dark in another part of Genova and has been for several hours : (

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11 Responses to Genova is underwater!

  1. PATO says:

    Well done Leah….stay close to home and take care of Mamma. Love/Mom

  2. kay says:

    Stay safe! Scary times, Mother Nature has certainly reminded us that she is the boss!

  3. Ciao Leah, I’m glad to read you are fine and Elora too, I wrote her on twitter but she did not answer and she lives in that area so near to the river, I was a bit worried…
    Hugs, dear…

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  5. Amy Linder says:

    I know we don’t know each other, but I just wanted to tell you that my thoughts & prayers are with you and the people of Genoa. The videos are horrifying. I’m glad you are safe.

  6. Kaylissa says:

    Hey! Glad to know you and mama are OK! Came to check when I heard the news of the flooding in Genoa on CNN. Stay safe and I hope Elora’s car is ok. Keep warm as best as you can snuggling with Coco.

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