Two dames, an apartment and a 100 steps

I truly love Coco but lately she has developed a very bad habit of jumping on my head at 2 am, 5 am and 7! If I try to bury my head under the pillow she just starts digging until I come out. Then I’m showered with kisses from her sandy tongue and the occassional bite on the chin with those razor sharp teeth.

I know what you’re thinking, close the door and get a good night’s sleep. Yeah, right. I don’t know what would be worse, getting my chin bit at 5 am or listening to her cry behind a closed door all night. What can I say? She’s all the company I’ve got and I’m all she’s got. I’ve spoiled her rotten and she gets away with everything!

Hence, my lack of sleep and busy schedule lately has made her lonely and me sleepless. Today is the first day in weeks that I don’t have any meetings in the mornings and I have to say that I’ve wanted to blog all week and just haven’t found the time.

I’ve been looking at apartments in the region and although I have seen some really nice places none have matched my criteria of ‘perfect’. Liguria is a tough area to live in because no matter where you go there is a steep hill or no parking. I think Italians outlive Americans simply because they get more exercise doing the simplest things like shopping for food then walking up 100 steps with heavy bags.

My adventure yesterday was particularly amusing while I was looking at a gorgeous apartment overlooking the sea in Zoagli. The agent picked me up at the train station and as she talked at rapid speed I asked her why she was going uphill. You see, I have been inquiring about a few places and I was momentarily confused because I thought I was going to see a place in the center of the village. Confusion aside I was eager to see what she had to show me.

As we stepped out of the car we were greeted like Queens for midday tea. Two sisters eagerly shook my hand and pulled me inside. As one was pulling me in the direction of the brand new dishwasher the other was displaying the new TV. I think I was told a total of six times that the couch turned into a bed and that the kitchen table also got bigger.

Both these sisters were as round as they were jolly and they were bursting with excitement. It was also quite amusing as the agent tried to answer my questions over top of their enthusiastic gushes. I was mentally calculating the costs and also calculating how often these dames would ‘drop in’ as they both lived below.

I loved the apartment. All that space! I live in 30 square meters so anything over 50 is like luxury to me. But unfortunately after adding in condo fees, heat and hydro I can’t afford it. Also, all those steps! I would already be looking at an hour commute to work everyday and the thought of having to walk up all those steps at the end of the day just didn’t warm me to the place. If I take the car to the nearest train station I’ll no doubt have to circle the area for twenty minutes to find free parking.

So, for now, Coco and I will stay in our tiny home and keep searching for the ‘prefect’ place. It’s too bad really because I think if it was affordable I would consider the two dames and 100 steps. Think of the blog posts these two could generate!

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4 Responses to Two dames, an apartment and a 100 steps

  1. Nancy DiFinizio says:

    The “perfect place” is there waiting for you. Have faith and know it will be there at the perfect time. Meanwhile, good luck with the searching. Waiting for your life to move on to the next chapter is extremely difficult.

  2. Thanks Nancy,
    I think the timing is not right. I was on the train yesterday and I asked the Universe to send me a sign that this was a good idea or a bad one and the bathroom door on the train opened and the stench was unbearable, lol. I think I got my answer!

  3. Nancy DiFinizio says:

    The Universe has a great sense of humor!

  4. Zoagli is a lovely place but it’s too far if you have a work in Genoa, I believe….anyway, you could consider another place in town…if you need an help to look for a new apartment, just ask, ok šŸ™‚ ?

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