Mama got a bad rap

You know, for all the chain-smoking, underwear drawer switching, open window while the a/c is on craziness, perhaps Mama has earned her bad rap. However…after ranting about my crap day on Pink Italy I was grateful to have a forum that is so incredibly supportive. It’s like we have all gotten on this giant Italian merry-go-round and we are in this forum to help keep each other sane!

But as for Mama, well I also must add that many of my Pink Italy friends praised their crazy in-laws for being incredibly supportive. And perhaps I don’t say it enough here on my blog that for all the craziness of Mama, she is a rock in this family. She is kind and caring and keeps things well, interesting I guess.

She has a heart of gold and a mind like Jack Nicholson. If you piss her off I wouldn’t doubt that the golf clubs would come out. But, mostly to protect her family and perhaps only occasionally just for kicks.

But I also must add here that the whole reason we were on a day trip in the first place was because I told her about a textile shop in Zoagli that had these gorgeous scarves. I told her because I thought she would like them and instead she insisted on buying one for me and one for her sister, who has helped her immensely in the past year while she was in the hospital with her broken arm and leg.

So, this crazy lady is not just someone put on this earth to drive me nuts. She’s also my muse and my family. She worries about me just like my own mom does and she gives me hugs when I ask for them.

Canadian Thanksgiving just passed and I was a bit awash about what I truly was thankful for. Now that the fog has cleared from my head I will tell you: I’m thankful for my mother-in-law. I’m thankful to all the strangers who have reached out to me on Pink Italy and held me up when I was down. I’m thankful to Elora for taking me out for a chat tonight and listening to me vent. I’m thankful to my mom who is always on MSN chat. I’m thankful to Coco who offers kisses and cuddles at 2:00 a.m.

God bless.



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4 Responses to Mama got a bad rap

  1. Hi Leah! Ran across your blog while researching for a blog I want to start. My italian mother-in-law lives with me and I want to commend you because I don’t think I can be as nice as you with every post! I will continue to follow you while I am trying to decide if I can………….

  2. Kate says:

    Mother-in-laws are supposed to make you crazy! Nice post about a caring but crazy mother-in-law.

  3. Dianna says:

    I think you’re lucky to have her, sounds like you’re able to laugh about what drives you nuts about her and appreciate the ways she makes your life better. Looking forward to reading more- enjoy the way that you write!

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