Skool ‘n stuff

Coco Chanel. Photo credit: Elora Daphne Turci

Did you know that most Italian kids go to school on Saturdays?
And that University is practically free?

If my niece is reading this I’m pretty sure that first sentence just killed any thoughts of moving to Italy to study…while on the other hand my sister would read the second sentence and start packing her bags for her!

But just to even things out a bit, Northern Italian kids also get a couple of weeks off in February to go skiing! Geez, in Canada, kids get a few weeks off for “study week”. Could we be any less fun? Why call it study week when we all know University students pack airplanes in droves to hang out in Florida?

I’m at Mama’s for the weekend. It wasn’t planned that way but I got enough hints dropped that it was obvious she really wanted to see Coco. I needed to bake a pie anyways and her oven is better than mine so I packed up the kitty and here we are. Even the Zii (Aunt and Uncle) came over with gelato, again just an excuse to see Coco.

She is one spoiled kitty! And, after a cup of gelato we both got on the scale. Don’t ask me why I am a glutton for punishment because this was hardly a good idea, however, curious like a cat, I wanted to know what the little fuzzball weighed.

Wow, was I shocked! Last time I got the little heifer on the scale she was only four kilos…now she’s a whopping six! That’s thirteen pounds of fluff and stuff. I won’t mention my slight increase but lets just say that these gelato frenzies have got to stop!

Oh, and another thing…I’ve got a general question about old people and antiques. Why does Mama have a collection of chairs that you can’t sit on? I swear at least four of them have only three legs!

Nice one Coco! Do you kiss your Mama with that mouth? Photo credit: Elora Daphne Turci


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