The secret garden of Campo Ligure

As my friend and I studied the bus schedule outside the closed tourist office, Giuseppe, a local Campo Ligurian, decided to volunteer to be our local tour guide. Campo Ligure is not that big but we still hadn’t seen the local castle so we accepted his generous offer.

What we didn’t know was that the castle was not the only thing we still hadn’t seen in Campo Ligure. Giuseppe guided us through the back streets of his village until we reached a secret garden of wooden sculptures!

Hidden in part forest were these larger than life carvings from the Divine Comedy. The park is called “Il Giardino di Tugnin”. As luck would have it, the artist was also on hand and we had the pleasure to meet him and take some photos.

Signore Timmossi Giamfranco has piercing blue eyes and a generous smile. After a lifetime of business and travel he sold his many butcher shops and returned to his hometown of Campo Ligure after years spent in Rhodes, Greece.

An interesting life, no doubt, his true calling is that of a “scultore”. He has donated carvings to the local church and his garden, “Il Giardino di Tugnin”, seems to be a labour of love.
Listening to him conceptualize the curves of a body into the natural curve of the wood, you could feel his passion and see the glint in his eye.

If you find yourself hopping on the next train to Campo Ligure don’t miss this secret garden and a chance to meet the charming Signore Timossi.


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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