I think Mama misses me!

It’s 8 p.m and I’m surfing the Internet as usual when my phone rings. It’s Mama! She NEVER CALLS ME. The first thing I think is maybe something is wrong. This woman lives with the phone surgically attached to her ear but I am not exactly at the top of her list for local gossip and chit-chat. I try not to take it personal because I know at times when I have to listen to Italians bastardize the English language my ears start to bleed.

“Ciao Liaaaaaa, come staiiiiiiiiiiiiiii?” Wow, we actually chatted for 40 minutes! I think she misses me! Or perhaps she just misses Coco…or all her other cronies were out shopping.

Either way, I guess I have officially entered that “guilty circle” of Italian families because the following night I also got a call from Zio (Uncle) too. “Ciao, Liaaaa, why you don’t call me? Howzzzz Coco?” Seems that over the past few years I have unknowingly extended my family dynamic and if these people don’t get a weekly check-in call they think I am sick or worse ignoring them!

Looks like I better get in touch with the phone company and work out a family and friends plan : )

…by the way, Coco izzzzz fine and so am I, thanks for asking  ; )


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to I think Mama misses me!

  1. kay says:

    Love it! They do miss you and if you are not there half the content of their normal chit chat is missing. (They’re really just reminding you that you are family and they are responsible for your good behaviour while your husband is at sea… )

  2. Cyndy says:

    Awwwwww!!!!!! I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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