Food! Glorious Food!

Perhaps it’s that inner Spirit of mine that is hollering it’s harvest time or perhaps I am just always eating or shopping for food. But either way, I think food has to be the most simplest blessing in the world.

Food brings families together and is appropriate for all occasions. Here in Italy, food is at the center of life and I for one am quite happy about that. I find myself slowly turning into a European mama who scrutinizes every tomato and asks if it is locally grown without pesticides.

I just read a great book called “Harvest for Hope”, by Jane Goodall. I learned many things from this book, and admittedly, some things I already knew but chose to turn a blind eye to until now. I also just watched the film “Contagion” which is scary because of the reality it suggests about how we make ourselves sick from the food we eat.

After watching this film and reading this book you will find yourself washing your hands 100 times a day and buying only what’s in season at your local grocer. Eating organic is simply better for you but you must be willing to make the effort.

I remember my very first garden when my broccoli got infested with caterpillars. I emailed my dad and asked him what I should do to get rid of them and he said pick them off one by one and relocate them somewhere else! After I stopped gagging I let the little critters chew away until their little hearts were content hoping that I was feeding future beautiful butterflies.

I have avowed to try to eat better and be more aware of how my choices will affect the world that I live in. Yesterday I went to a supermarket called “Eataly” in Porto Antico. At first I thought it was just an expensive supermarket for tourists but it’s more than that. It’s a collection of Italian specialties but also a restaurant, coffee bar, gelateria and they even offer cooking classes!

Eataly is also in the United States and Japan too! But the most useful things I bought cost me 1 Euro each. They were calendar wheels with every fruit and vegetable listed by season and also one for local fish! Even better, as it is all in Italian, I can expand my vocabulary instead of aimlessly pointing like a foreign idiot at the veggie stand.

If you live in Italy, check out their website. They offer cooking classes in Genova, Bologna, Milano Torino, etc. I for one will be enrolling in some classes because I think it could be great fun! I’ll no doubt be like the Swedish Chef but it could be good for some laughs : )


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