The Spa Pimp

Yeah, that’s me…and I will take full responsibility for pushing my drugs of choice in the following list (in no particular order).

It’s no big surprise that two of my favourite spas are in Tuscany, Italy. It could be all that good Tuscan food and wine made me a happy drunk and therefore influenced my choices but either way, this is my story and I’m sticking to it!

  1. Bagni di Lucca. I really liked this spa because it has some unique rooms and caves that are used for treatments. It’s also quite small which made the experience much more relaxing. There is a hotel attached to the spa and you can get the meal plan included where they feed you to the gills with Farro soup and other Tuscan delights. Or, you can always opt to stay at my friend’s new rental apartments, which is conveniently located down the road (within walking distance). The only thing I was not thrilled about were the massages. I asked twice for deep tissue and instead got an oil rub with very little pressure. But the rest of the experience was awesome!
  2. Rapolano Terme. This place is huge! They had 3 outdoor pools which were connected to the inside building and also an indoor pool. Even in the December air we opted for the outdoor pools because they were less crowded. The treatments were heaven! I got two massages and I was like rubber afterwards! The downside is that the place is very crowded and it was a struggle to get a deck chair inside. Also, we had a 30 minute drive to get there from our stay in Gargonza. Personally, I prefer to throw on my robe and flip-flops from my hotel room and go straight to the spa with no fussing about cars and parking and most of all changing my clothes.
  3. Pre San Didier. As mentioned before, this was my last spa hop in the Italian Alps. This place is amazing. The pools were great, the treatment rooms were great, the service was great! We got a package that included our robes, slippers, a towel, a locker, lunch and a fango (mud) treatment and it was well worth the money. We spent the entire day there and never got bored. From poolside you can gaze at the snow-capped mountains that surround you. Spectacular! I can’t wait to go back!
  4. Maruba Jungle Spa, Belize. This is exactly what it claims to be…a spa and hotel in the middle of the Belize jungle! I went alone and felt like a princess who was captured and taken under the spell of the enchanted forest. My ‘room’ was a thatched roof hut along a stone path a midst giant trees and toucans. The canopy bed was littered with fresh flowers and the mosaic tile floor felt clean and fresh on my tired feet. I indulged in the mood mud treatments and dined on wild board stew. The entire experience was pure delight!
  5. The Hibiscus Spa, Grand Cayman Island. I lived in Grand Cayman and worked at the Hyatt Resort, but on my days off I indulged in the Westin Hotel’s Hibiscus Spa. The Westin has a nice property and beach location so after a relaxing massage I would go for a leisurely swim and light lunch at their beach bar. They had a great ambiance at the spa and they were professional. I also liked the beach bar menu.
Well, there you have it. My list. It’s not a long one but a good one! By now you probably have guessed that not only am I a Spa Pimp but also a bit high maintenance…let me assure you that this list has been accumulated over the past 10 years! I’ve also indulged in a few ‘ship spas’ but that would be a whole separate post (for the record Princess Cruises has the best spas)! But if you are ever in any of these areas at least now you know where to lie your tired, weary body for some first class TLC : )

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7 Responses to The Spa Pimp

  1. But you are a high maintenance girl 🙂 !!!! How are you, dear? Next week and the other I’m on holiday, maybe we could meet and do something, if you can …hugs

  2. bagnidilucca says:

    I am looking forward to getting to Bagni di Lucca to meet up with Rosaly and see how she is going.

  3. chrissandra says:

    You are SO tempting me to come back 🙂
    I love the picture at the top of your blog

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