A day in the life with Mama…

Well I lasted exactly four days in the comfort of air conditioning before I nearly lost my mind and killed Mama. You see, the air conditioner was installed prior to a small renovation and it just so happens that the unit is below our bedroom window. It was supposed to blow cool air through the corridor to both bedrooms but Mama decided to close off the corridor (coincidentally after I moved in) and hence no air can pass over to her side!

Concerned that she was not getting enough cool air I ran the darn thing at full tilt and even bought her an enormous fan. There’s no way this dame is gonna have another stroke on my watch! But lo and behold, Mama took up smoking again while she was in the hospital and so on several occasions I caught her spraying stinky perfume and sitting in her bed with her windows wide open!

After the third night of sporting my fluffy fleece pj’s I decided screw this, I’m turning the a/c off. Not 20 seconds after I killed the power I hear my name screeched across the apartment…I ran to her bedroom thinking she fell or something and she starts screaming at me asking why I turned the a/c off. All this while she has both her bedroom windows wide open and I look like a pink pepto bismol explosion in my fuzziest flannel! Are you kidding me woman? Close your damn windows and perhaps after four days the apartment would have a perfect, comfortable temperature that we can all be comfortable in.

Of course I turned it back on because it’s her house and I’m obviously crazy to think that there is any logic in my windows shut theory. The next day Coco and I headed to the country for some peace and quiet with hopes of a cool breeze. She was like a cat at kitty summer camp and at one point my precious angel greeted me with nothing but a lizard tail sticking out of her mouth! She then proceeded to terrorize the poor thing for the next 24 hours…it’s tail long since gone to the porcelain Gods of plumbing.

I finally took pity on the lizard and scooped him up and put him outside…somehow I could relate to the poor thing being batted around like a toy for 2 days!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to A day in the life with Mama…

  1. major2007 says:

    It sounds like things with mama are back to their rip roaring normal and I am surprised that you did not lose your mind. I flet like losing mine at times when i spent two weeks with my mom after knee sugery and it was apparent that both needed a break from each ohter. I hope things are going well otherwise.

  2. Kayoh says:

    Hey Leah!
    Thanks for dropping by my site, I know I haven’t been plugging away for quite some time now! Glad to see you’re still up and running your blog :D. Hope all is well- maybe you could invest in some crazy glue for your unclosable windows ;P

  3. Hmmmm, crazy glue, what a great idea! haha
    I also slowed down a bit blogging over the summer…why spend a day at the keyboard when you can spend it at the beach instead? Hope you had a good one : ) Cheers!

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