Raclette for dummies

First of all let me just say that this is a very yummy dish but…

Here’s the thing. Twenty some odd years ago I dated a Swiss Canadian guy. He took me to some restaurant in Switzerland and he insisted that I try ‘Raclette‘. I remember that I liked it but I have not eaten it since and the details and price are a bit foggy to me now.

Fast forward to this past week in the Alps and there it was on many restaurant menus ‘Raclette for 2’. The price however was steep at 17 Euros per person and as I mentioned, it’s ‘Raclette for 2’. So, do the math and viola, you have a 34 Euro dish for 2. Hmmmm, what the heck goes in this again? As far as I could remember it was some sort of potato and cheese dish, did I miss an important ingredient like truffles and gold nuggets???

I might be easy but I ain't cheap!

Nope! First they set up a heating lamp with a large hunk of white cheese on it. Then they brought us a bowl of boiled potatoes. Yep, that’s it! So, I have to admit that although I thoroughly enjoyed it I was a bit mystified by the price for a hunk of melted cheese and a bowl of boiled potatoes…

It became pretty obvious who the virgin tourists were. I wonder if the kitchen staff go into a fit of giggles every time someone orders this? Do they fight over that small kitchen window to get a glimpse of the morons who willingly offered to pony up 34 Euros for this stuff?

Silly girl, Raclette’s for dummies!


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