Funivie stands for “FUN”!

Did I mention that I belong to a hiking group? And that my favourite kind of hiking is downhill and flat? Did I also mention that last year my husband and I took a “funivie” in Stresa and it got stuck and we had to be lowered using a winch? Yeah, that was our punishment for being too lazy to walk down I guess…

After such adventures I was a bit reluctant to get back on a “funivie” of any kind but heck I was in the Alps and hiking uphill just ain’t my thing…(self-proclaimed lazy ass at your service!). After two chair lifts (funive Bosco and Chalet Express) we arrived at the top of La Thuile.

It was cold and raining so of course we ran to the nearest (only) bar just meters from the chair lift and sipped hot chocolate while waiting for that dark cloud to pass.

It never did so an hour later my hubby bought a winter toque and we braved the trail. Less than 30 minutes later we arrived at La Clotze restaurant and stopped for lunch. 

We both ordered some polenta and wine but the cheeky waiter left the entire bottle on our table. I protested because I’d planned to walk the trail back down but of course he replied, “drink what you want, you don’t have to drink it all if you don’t want to”, yeah right dude!

So, as you can imagine, our bellies were full and our cheeks were rosy and off we went down the trail singing and laughing the entire way!

Stinkin' drunk and hiking...yep, I got the hiccups too!

Yes, it was a good day indeed…gotta love that mountain air eh? Oh and by the way, it’s our third year wedding anniversary and hubby got me hiking poles ; ) …guess he doesn’t want me to topple over some hill while he’s gone, haha.

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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