Enchanted forest

It was a long journey that started with a trip to Mont. Blanc (Bianco on the Italian side of course) and ended with a hike to the first waterfall in La Joux. I’ll feature Mt. Blanc in another post but first I wanted to share something even more spectacular. I know, what could be more spectacular than Mt. Blanc on a cloudy day when you can literally say you were in two countries at the same time and it’s only 6 degrees in August?

If you don’t believe me here’s proof:

So back to my enchanted story anyways…it was later that afternoon and after the thaw that we drove back to La Thuile. We wanted to see the waterfall in La Joux and the only way to get there was to hike it. It was sunny and warm and I was still wearing a long-sleeved shirt and black track pants. I decided I didn’t want to hike anywhere but my husband insisted on pushing my lazy ass up the hill towards La Joux. (actually he had to bribe me with a chocolate fondue later at CHOCOLAT)

The trail sign said 15 minutes but it took us 30…when we finally arrived at La Joux the second sign towards the waterfall read 20 minutes (all uphill of course!) As my whining briefly stopped on the downhill road to the second trail I started to get a second wind.

The roar of the water kept me going and greeted us with a gorgeous waterfall and tiny bridge (FYI there are 2 more higher up but lets not get carried away eh!). I was quite happy that I made it and I got some great pics too!

But wait! There’s more to this enchanted forest than originally expected…

with dreams of sugar plums dipped in rich, hot, gooey chocolate, I raced back down the hill towards the car.

We were hot and sweaty and my husband wanted to ‘dip’ his feet in the fresh (aka freezing creek). I obliged because he was paying for the chocolate fondue later.

We skipped off the trail and made our way through the tall grass…visions of coolness dancing in our silly heads (they say high altitudes make you dizzy but it just made us more giddy).

 Lo and behold, half way to the stream of delight a small butterfly landed on my hand! OH MY GOD! This is amazing. I struggled with my other hand to get my camera (hubby already had his shoes off and was sticking his fat toe in the frigid water-typical!)

The butterfly danced away and I proceeded to sit down on a comfy rock (there’s an oxy-moron for ya!)

No sooner did I have my pants rolled up and one shoe off and the same butterfly flitted over to me and landed on my leg! I proceeded to watch her explore my very bianco leg as she tickled her way up and down presumably searching for something to eat.

I was mesmerized watching her and couldn’t believe my luck when she hung around for more than 20 minutes.

You can take a gal to the highest peeks of the Alps and feed her chocolate fondue but when a wild butterfly lands on her she is spellbound forever.

My enchanted forest will live on if only in my dreams…

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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