Mountain Magic!

La Thuile, Italy

I’ve always thought of myself as more of a mermaid than a moose but when we were offered a free place to stay in the Italian Alps we decided to give it a go. It seems that many Italians head for the “mountains” to ski in the winter or to hike in the summer (particularly August), to avoid the intensifying heat and, ahem, tourists.

I gotta say, these Italians are no dummies! Our destination was La Thuile, Italy. It’s a tiny town just 3 hours drive from Genova. The region is called Valle d’Aosta and there are snow capped mountains and free roaming cows! I suddenly had the urge to yodel but my husband informed me that we weren’t in Switzerland so I refrained.

Doesn't she look like a happy cow?

La Thuile, Italy

Normally a ski village, La Thuile turns into a hiker and mountain bike paradise in the summer. The weather in August is a comfortable (dry) climate ranging in the 20’s and at night it drops down to about 10C. If you hike up the mountains the temperature changes considerably so bringing warm clothes even in August is necessary.

I really loved this place! The fresh air! The food! Nature! In the next few days I will be posting about our adventures in this region because there was so much to do and see I couldn’t possibly put it all in one post.

La Thuile in August


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