Kitty boogies, garlic and men!

I’ll bet the title of this post was just enough information for you to say “what the heck is she up to now?”. Or, perhaps you said to yourself “kitty boogies? That sounds gross” and then you ditched my blog for a Bieber video on youtube didn’t you? Either way, I will forge ahead typing like a maniac on too much caffeine as per usual.

It all started when I was first dating my husband. You see, I’ve always believed that a person who is willing to tell you that you’ve got spinach stuck in your teeth is a friend worth keeping. The same then goes for toilet paper on your shoe or boogies in your nose. Sounds incredibly romantic eh? What can I say? Reality ain’t pretty.

Anyways, I knew it was true love when I could comfortably ask my husband if I had any boogies in my nose after a swim in the sea and he seems to have adjusted perfectly fine to my volatile stomach and occasional gassy episodes after Mama sneaks artichokes into the risotto.

Fast forward to Coco, my beloved kitty. She seems to have seasonal allergies (just like her mom), and so on occasion she has a runny nose. Only the other day I noticed she had a hard, black, crusty thing on her nose…hmmm, what could it be? I waited a few days to see if she would, ahem, dislodge the offender on her own but no such luck. So, I had to do the mom thing and get a Q-tip and rescue her from her offending boogie. Hey, listen, my cat is adorable but with a black boogie sticking out of her nose even Cindy Crawford would lose some of her sex appeal…no?

Moving on to other offending items, those pesky mosquitoes are back. But that’s not the real issue here, it’s my beloved husband. He has decided to eat raw garlic to fend off the mossies…and obviously me too! Gee honey, I really love you but what the hell have you been eating?

So, while I douse my feet in herbal citronella goo and tape citronella patches to my forehead to get a good night’s sleep my husband is pleasantly snoring next to me reeking of an Italian salami.

Our third year wedding anniversary is next month…did I mention how blissful it is?

For those of you who don’t know this woman…this is Gilda Radner. She was a comic on the TV show Saturday Night Live and she was hilarious. Enjoy!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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