50 bucks and a kiss

Okay, the downside is that I had a broken tooth…the upside is that I got to visit my hot dentist! Remember the big crush I have on him? Well yesterday I went to see him and he fixed my tooth.

Now, I know it sounds a bit crazy that the highlight of my day was a dentist appointment but after the morning I had at the bank anything would have topped it. But here’s the thing…I was only there 20 minutes for the fix and he charged me 50 Euros and I got a traditional Italian double cheeked kiss thrown into the deal too! I mean honestly, have you kissed your dentist lately?

He’s cute so I went along with it although it did seem a bit weird to me…FYI, I also got a double-cheeked kiss from his female assistant. Perhaps it’s an Italian thing and at Christmas I will bring some home-baked cookies…for the love of Italy, I think I could get used to this, haha.

FYI-FYI: I told my hubby about the kiss and he just seemed relieved that the dentist never tried to kiss him too


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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