Bieber is so cute!

Okay, perhaps sleep deprivation has something to do with this post however I will forge ahead anyways…I know the title sounds corny but when you are stuck on an airplane for 8 hours and only 1 movie is played and it HAS TO BE rated PG…what better film to watch than a documentary about a 17-year-old Canadian kid who has become a music sensation?

Justin Bieber truly does make me proud to be Canadian and he better not screw it up (Dear Justin, if you’re reading this take notes). He has talent up the wazoo and is also a sweetheart. His work ethic is second to none and although I am not a screaming teenager I have to say I was endeared by his talent and sweetness.

He is self-taught and can play the drums, guitar, piano, trumpet and he can sing and dance too! He started posting youtube videos of himself performing and as they say the rest is history and screaming girls in Japan are trampling over each other to catch some “Bieber Fever”.

Watching the documentary about his rise to fame one could see that Justin is hard-working but I for one hope that the fame train doesn’t eat him alive. Near the end of the film you could see that he was overworked and exhausted. Living the dream in reality can turn into a nightmare. He’s 17 years old! What makes him so amazing is his Canadian boy next door attitude of “dude, where’s my skateboard?”

So, on board a plane with a few hundred students on their first European adventure made this film quite appropriate and although I would have preferred video on demand, I admit, I think I may have caught a bit of the “Bieber Fever” myself.

Keep it real Justin and even the 40-something chicks will dig ya (in a mom kinda isn’t he adorable way of course)


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