Memory lane

I really admire my husband for his ability to shake off jet lag like it was a pesky fly hit with a fly swatter. Whilst he snored, I entertained Coco who seemed to be in the same time zone as me and insisted on jumping on my head from 5 a.m. onward. However, if it weren’t for her, I probably would have been hard pressed to come back at all.

The sound of the waves crashing onto the beach just outside our cottage window romanced its way into my heart. I haven’t been to Lake Erie since I was a kid and all those memories came flooding back to me as soon as I drove down those old stone roads towards our rental cottage.

I chose Lake Erie this time for a couple of reasons but mainly because we wanted to be close to water and also close to family and friends. As soon as I saw the cottage on the Internet I knew that’s where I wanted to be. And my intuition was spot-on. The place was perfect!

 (Here’s the link if you’re interested in renting this little gem:
Mohawk Point, Lowbanks, Ontario, Canada)

My morning routine consisted of a cup of hot tea, a blanket and a deck chair. The early mornings were fresh and I delighted in watching the squirrels play in the yard while just beyond the view was an endless mass of water. If only every day in Canada could be so amazing. What better way to come home and enjoy her special beauty.

I grew up spending my summers at a place called “Austin’s Park”. Cottages such as the one we rented this past week were for the ‘elite’. My grandparents owned a trailer and that was our ‘cottage’ of sorts. (my ‘bedroom’, which was shared with my sister, was the kitchen table that folded into a tiny bed at night).

Both my grandparents have passed away and I have not been to Lake Erie in at least 25 years. I decided to drive by the old campsite to see what’s changed and lo and behold there was my grandparents same trailer parked in the same spot!

I spoke to the owner and he let me go inside…as I stepped across the threshold my childhood came flooding back to me. Instantly the energy around me was that of my grandparents dancing in the tiny trailer to some country song on their fancy 8-track. Tears welled up in my eyes as I looked around in wonder marveling at the idea that 2 adults and 2 kids could take up such a small space and be so happy. Everything inside was ‘original’ from 1973 when my grandparents bought the trailer!

Memory lane can sometimes be sad. I am sad that my grandparents are no longer alive and that I was too young to truly appreciate them so many years ago. But I am also happy for the opportunity to relive those moments and smile and appreciate them now. If your grandparents are still alive give them a hug and tell them they’re great!
You won’t regret it : )


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  1. Cyndy says:

    You rock!!!!!

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