Wine samplin’ and a couple of bicycles…

A guy, a gal and a wine tour. No wait! There’s more…

It only took five sleepy hours at the Paris airport and a jarring taxi ride home to jolt me from my Canadian coma. I’m back and already wishing I could wiggle my nose and transport me and Coco back to that breezy lake cottage and family barbecues. (hubby is on his way today).

I’ve tipped the scales a few kilos too. It’s ironic really because most people gain weight in Italy! But with only two weeks in Canada I did my best at sampling all the fish and chip wagons within 100 kilometer radius and then threw in a few maple cookies for good measure.

These pics feature our feeble attempts at exercise (we rented bikes for half a day) and as you can see, we didn’t get very far because there was wine sampling to be done enroute…I wonder if there are tours like this in Italy? hic!


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to Wine samplin’ and a couple of bicycles…

  1. Ciao cara, welcome back! I’m happy to read you enjoyed your canadian holidays, you look in a wonderful shape in these photos! Did you exercise a bit your italian, dear? Yes? Because I started blogging quite seriously…ha, ha… and you promised to read me…do you remember?!
    This week I’m on holidays, so maybe we could meet more easily, if you want…let me know!
    Hugs, Sabina

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