One-eyed blogging

So the doc says, “drive with one eye’. And I said, “really, you can do that? Is that legal?” Considering the way Italian’s drive I’m thinkin’ perhaps this doc is more popular than I originally thought. And so goes my visit to the ophthalmologist…

It all started a month ago when I was having some serious issues with my left eye. I thought it was allergy related and to some extent it is but I knew there was more to it than that and I was determined to get to the real source of the problem come hell or high water. After all, I threw out at least 4 tubes of maschera and was moving into my precious MAC eye make-up when I put the brakes on with a loud screech and said hold up there partner, this is going a bit too far! (Any woman can tell you that MAC cosmetics are the best but also cost a small fortune. Hey, I never once denied being high maintenance so shut-up already will ya?)

Some gals are into lipsticks and some gals are into eye shadows. Clearly Mick Jagger ain’t my daddy because spending a fortune on lipsticks for my chicken lips would just be a big waste. So, obviously I idolize Cher and RuPaul (I added a wiki link for Sabina and Enrico) and was ecstatic when blue eye-shadow made a comeback!

Anyways, back to Villa Serena (serena means serene) for a moment. This is the “private clinic” where my doc was located. It’s obviously a place for posh people who are sick and loaded to the gills with money! (For the record, how I ended up there was only out of sheer desperation for an English speaking specialist). When I arrived there were security cameras everywhere. I circled the parking lot 3 times to no avail and finally did the appropriate thing and parked illegally. The visit cost me 125 Euros plus another 32 Euros for eye drops. I now have 5 bottles of eye drops…it’s like a museum collection!

I won’t bore you to tears (haha) with my diagnosis, however I should warn you that if you come to Genova stay off the sidewalks cuz I may be driving : )

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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2 Responses to One-eyed blogging

  1. I know very well who is Ru Paul ha ha!!!
    Sorry for your eye…I hope you will recover soon, dear!

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