Did ya miss me?

My dad must be really busy at the moment because I haven’t received any threatening emails to get on the blog wagon! Truth is I’ve been studying…no really. Shocking as it may be I am making some headway and am optimistic that if I continue to dedicate a few hours a week then I should pass the exam by summer’s end. The only problem now is that after driving for more than 25 years I am suddenly reading the road signs and wondering if I will manage to pass the driving part! The Italian intersections are nothing but a mystery to me. It’s sort of like their concept of lining up for the bus…they simply don’t! That’s all good and well because I can out drive the best of them (I got my Canadian license in Toronto after all), but that won’t help me pass the test.

Anyways, what the heck else is going on lately? Well, this past weekend I had an eye infection and although I wanted to blog, one-eyed typing appears not to be my specialty. The pain felt like…oh never mind, I get shivers just thinking about it why make you suffer needlessly? See, I really am thoughtful after all. And as per usual, I sat in my doctor’s office for 30 minutes while it became quite obvious to me that he had skipped town (hardly shocking). But, like Wonder Woman, Mama came to the rescue and spoke to the pharmacist for me and I managed to get antibiotic drops without a prescription (see, in Italy it’s all about who you know).

Sadly, I was mostly housebound so after tossing my favourite maschera I decided to bake cookies to feel better. Donning a hat and dark sunglasses, I managed to run to the supermarket Sunday morning. Has anyone ever noticed that the only people awake early on Sunday mornings are old ladies and tourists? It was a breeze zipping through the supermarket for a change…perhaps I should plan my shopping differently in the future.

So, one last note…about Coco of course. I’m just curious if my cat is retarded or if other felines do this too? Whenever I clean her litter box and put in fresh sand she rolls around in it! At least it’s clean sand but still what’s that all about? Is she celebrating because I cleaned it after xxxx weeks??? If I didn’t know any better I would guess that she also corked open a bottle of Prossecco in honour of this rare occasion! Sheesh! Such a drama Queen!

Photo credit: Elora Daphne Turci


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4 Responses to Did ya miss me?

  1. Deanna says:

    Glad your eye is better! Those hurt like hell.
    When I was in your area in 09 we never did figure out the rules at the roundabouts. Close your eyes and go I guess. 🙂
    None of my cats have ever rolled around in their litter. I HAVE had cats get pissed at me for going a “bit’ too long on cleaning it so they would go elsewhere. Not good, since elsewhere is somewhere in my house 😦
    But I noticed you said sand, if you are using sand and not litter then that’s probably why she does that. She’s happy you cleared out her yard.

  2. For the record, I use a clumping sand which I scoop out every other day. Sometimes every day if she has been busy, lol. The brand I usually buy is Everclean, it’s expensive but the best for odor control, however hard to find and heavy to carry back up to my apt. I found something similar for half the price, stocked up on several boxes of the stuff when I was out with the car one day only to realize that it doesn’t have very good odor control : ( I’m on the last box now and will never buy that brand again. Obviously the Princess was also noticing the lack of roses coming from below too and that’s when I knew it was time to change the box…but truthfully, she has been rolling in the sand ever since she was a kitten no matter what brand I buy.

  3. Hello, I just subscribed to your blog not long ago. I have 2 cats myself and they always do funny stuff. If I may suggest a cute little book I stumbled across not long ago and made me laugh its called. All I need to know I learned from my cat by Suzy Becker.
    Great blog by the way !

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