Turning into a turnip

Actually, I hate turnips, they’re gross. But what I really mean is that for the last little while I have been fence-sitting on becoming a vegetarian. Or a Quasi-vegetarian anyways. I can almost hear the shriek coming from Canada as my dad and brother read this. Barbecue season is year round in Canada, we just move the BBQ into the car port and shovel a path to it when it snows!

But seriously, I think I will always love a homemade burger and grilled lamb chops. But I’ve had so many stomach problems my entire life that I have slowly eked out foods that seem to be the culprit and have been left with very little choices on my plate. For the most part, Italian food is very natural and healthy, it has been my bad choices perhaps in the supermarket that have left me with countless tummy aches.

For the first time in my life I cooked pre-made hamburgers and nearly gagged when I tried to eat them. I also went to IKEA the other day and tested this theory again with their famous Swedish meatballs. I managed to eat 4 out of 10 before I put my fork down and surrendered. I can hear my dad now as he shakes his head asking why I would compare that crap to a choice cut of meat off his grill. And quite honestly I am looking forward to his fine BBQ’s and hope that my recent repulsion with meat is only of the “processed kind”.

In the meantime I’ve been enjoying tomato and avocado salads and tuna melts. It amazes me that it has taken me 45 years to get this eating thing right. And I’m still not sure if I’m willing to give up the almighty barbecue just yet. After all, I am a Canadian to the core and this is not just food but part of my heritage. That would be like asking an Italian to stop eating pizza!

This is a wait and see of course with my stomach being the almighty gauge. I’m not advocating one lifestyle or another, I am merely trying to quiet the beast in my stomach that fights with me after every meal. I have not yet ventured into “celiac” territory because I pray to God I am not allergic to wheat! I can give up burgers a lot easier than bread! I know there are special stores for this crap but what a pain in the neck that would be. To be continued…

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2 Responses to Turning into a turnip

  1. major2007 says:

    It almost sounds like a celliac problem. My dad was diagnosed with it about 10 years ago, and with some pretty careful trial and error, he was easily able to work around it. I would strongly suggest looking into it and that was one of the many problems he had before he found out he had celliac disease.

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