Foodies beware!

I make the BEST WATER! No really, it’s true. My husband even told me so. I don’t like ice in my drink but I do like it when my drink is fresh. In the winter I just drink water from the tap but in the summer I like it to be a bit cooler so I usually put a small jug in the fridge. But my trick is that I put stuff in it…like fresh mint leaves and lemon or bay leaves or orange wedges and sprigs of rosemary. I know it sounds kinda weird, but when cooled in the fridge it makes the most refreshing, natural beverage.

But on to other things…like flowers. I think in a previous life I must have been an insect. I’ve already mooned in previous posts about Rose petal gelato and jelly and don’t get me started on sugared Violets! But move over because there’s a new kid in town called the Zucchini flower. Here in Italy it’s a delicacy that is available when zucchini’s are in season. You have to eat them fresh so if you buy ’em you cook ’em that night.

Tonight, after a torrential rain that lasted 20 minutes I ran into my local veggie stand. Unfortunately, my usual veggie guy had the night off (you know, the one I have a secret crush on), so I had to deal with the veggie lady instead. The good thing about this of course is that she gives me recipes. Now, I have fried a zucchini flower or two in my days here but every Italian has their own secret trick that they want to bestow on you.

And here’sa whatta she said: (okay not really, as she spoke only Italian), mix the flour with fizzy water. Really. Fizzy water? After which followed a million stupid questions from me and I made her repeat the instructions three times so I didn’t screw it up. So simply, I mixed a bit of this a bit of that and dipped the yellow babies in and fried them up pronto!

I would show you a photo but it’s too late…I ate them all : )

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4 Responses to Foodies beware!

  1. flip says:

    its been awhile since i last visited your blog, what’s fizzy water by the way? you made me want to try to eat zucchini flowers… šŸ™‚


    i tried putting lemon on water, it taste good, maybe ill try adding mint and see what it tastes like… šŸ™‚

    • Ahhhh, fizzy water. I think I’m starting to talk like a Brit, haha. It’s bottled water with bubbles. But not soda and not tonic. It is actually called “frizzante” here. I imagine that soda water is the closest thing however soda implies that there is sodium in it and the woman clearly stated “no salt’. Perhaps “Perrier” or “San Pelligrino” would be an equivalent if you are buying in North America.
      Oh, and fresh mint leaves with lemon slices rock and it’s good for digestion too!
      My husband also puts bay leaves in boiling water for me when I have a tummy ache…does the trick!

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