Driver’s ed for dummies

Now why can’t someone invent one of these handy books just for little old me? I have a confession to make…I still don’t have my Italian driver’s permit! I know, wasn’t I studying for that darn thing like a year ago? That’s a giant YEP, SI! I did mention I was somewhat lazy before right? In fact, I am not even sure if I would label it as lazy to be honest because I just finished a 14 kilometer hike to some Lake called Tina on the other side of town. Okay, they called it a lake but honestly it was a water hole, billabong for my Aussie readership, just saying…they really should have called it Lake Tiny, not Tina. Besides, when you come from Canada well, our lakes are more like oceans so anything smaller than Lake Ontario is just considered a water hole, haha. (But it was a lovely hike and the, ahem, lake, was refreshingly chilly and fun).

But I digress, which is exactly my point. I’m not lazy but a master at procrastination and lack of focus. I can juggle many things at once but fail to ever finish anything…a character flaw perhaps, but as one of my witty colleagues stated, I must be very creative then, haha. Yeah, you could say that…creative at how to avoid things that should get done.

Did I mention that I procrastinated to the point of missing my opportunity to write the exam in English too? I blame the depression, which honestly is the real reason, but I still let the ball drop after that because the thought of doing the exam in Italian was just too overwhelming for me. But now I am being given an olive branch to continue my registration at the driver’s school (they really just want more money from me), and have also been faced with “no choice”. You see, I MUST get the license after one year of being a resident here…but it gets worse, my brother is moving (yeah, yeah, honestly I AM HAPPY FOR YOU) and my Canadian license is registered at his address! Yeah, no biggie, but not so fast, in order to change my address I must also give them my health card information which expired years ago because I don’t actually LIVE there anymore.

As we say in Canada, I have now been Euchred! (For those of you who don’t know this fun card game, then the “JIG IS UP”, Or, if that still doesn’t make any sense… how about: “I’m screwed” Yeah, I think you all get it now!

Focus…book open, getting sleepy, Focus…cat jumps on book for cuddle, Focus…phone rings, drop book and lose page, Focus…cat wants more cuddles, Focus…I think I have to pee…………………..


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1 Response to Driver’s ed for dummies

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    You crack me up and I definitely understand because I ahve been known to do the very same thing.

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