Never a dull moment and then…

Shopping 101:

I went to the MAC (Toronto, Canada cosmetics) store in Nassau to get an “update consultation” and buy some of my staple items only to discover after leaving that all this stuff is “made in Italy”! Then after googling hiking shoes I narrowed down my selection to three brand names and two shops to find them at in Charleston, South Carolina. I didn’t have much time and I hate rushing a purchase, especially an expensive one (hiking shoes range from $75 up). I wandered the shop windows anxious for them to open and then I spotted the Cycle shop had 50% off their hiking shoes! Could it be that I will find a decent pair for fifty bucks? After I bought the shoes, smiling like a cat who ate the canary on my great deal, I looked closer at the brand name …LaSportiva, hmmm, that sounds very Italian, could it be that I have travelled 5,000 miles away from Italy only to have bought a pair of Italian shoes? Yep! Sure did!

Sailing 101:

Good weather, new port – Bermuda. Photos will follow, however we had several snafu’s and unfortunately didn’t see much of it. Will save that for another post later.

Flying 101:

Then there was the MSN news broadcasts, you know snippets of Charlie Sheen going nuts and terrorists on Alitalia planes. What? Of all the airlines to terrorize they had to pick the one I will be flying home on? Geez Louise, I mean I would like to terrorize Alitalia too sometimes (for completely unpolitical reasons I assure you) but this guy was apparently doing it with a nail clipper! Lesson of the day: never mess with an Alitalia flight attendant they will take you down!

Mama & Coco:

Coco is fine and is clinging to me like superglue since I got home. Mama on the other hand didn’t fare so well. She is in the hospital and I will go see her tomorrow after I have shaken off a bit of jet lag. A few days ago she fell down outside and broke her arm and leg. She will be in the hospital for a month or more. I will post an update on this as well once I have visited her.

I’m tired and weary that I will be doing this all over again in less than 8 weeks. I pray that Mama will recover quickly. I imagine she will have some tough rehab ahead of her and thank God that it is summer time soon. Although now I am not so sure that going away again so soon is such a good idea. We’ll just have to see how things go over the next few weeks I guess.

And then…

All in all, I had a nice time re-connecting with my hubby and will soon post some nice pics of us goofing off for the ship’s photographers. As they say in Charleston, South Carolina, “have a good one!”


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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Never a dull moment and then…

  1. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    It sounds like you had an interesting trip and am sure Cocoa was quite happy to see you home and hope that Mama starts healing quickly. I really want to do another cruise, but need to lose a little weight and get my right leg back into shape a little better and right now don’t think it could stand all of the walking.

  2. Enrico says:

    i started to miss your blog!!! welcome back…

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