Welcome Aboard!

What a sweet surprise!

I’ll admit that I had some trepidation about this present vacation. You see, the last time my husband was home my fairy tale bubble got somewhat damaged with that thing called ‘reality’. I know it exists but I still have this ideal expectation that when my husband and I are together all will be bliss. I know, not very mature of me but I can’t help myself!

We spend such little time together that I always want things to be perfect when we are. Needless to say, that didn’t happen and the vacation was a bit of a disaster. With too many other obligations in the way we didn’t exactly have a quality meeting of the mind, body or soul.

Fast forward two months and here I am on the ship. My anxiety was at an all time high because I was trying to keep my emotions in check and not put too many expectations or pressure on our limited time together. I also knew that three other ‘wives’ would be onboard at the same time and I was having nightmares of screaming kids running circles around the Captain’s table and battling it out with them on who would get the “shore pass” that day.

I honestly don’t know which is better/worse. To have unrealistic expectations and be disappointed (call it the optimistic approach) or to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised (pessimists approach). I chose this time to be the pessimist and was pleasantly surprised. There are no screaming kids and all the “girlfriends” (seems I am the only one willing to commit these days) are lovely.

I also realized two days before I left that I was the only “wife” coming from Italy. This is quite unusual and I instantly knew that the “secret torch” had been passed on to me. I had fun dashing off to the candy shop and stocking up on some Ligurian goodies for my husband and also the Captain and his colleagues. I felt a bit like Santa Claus and I even smuggled a jar of homemade olives (compliments of Elora’s in-laws in Montalto). They were a huge hit! The US Customs lady was wandering around the luggage with her dog and she asked me if I had any pasta or olive oil, I said nope and boogied out of the airport as fast as I could! She said olive oil not olives ; ) Right? So I didn’t lie!

I’m certainly not the perfect wife, but doing this small task made me feel good. I know all too well what it feels like to be far away from that feeling of home, from the smells of your mom’s kitchen to the comforts of your own bed. There are many things that we take for granted in life and I know all too well how much I miss those things now that they are not at my fingertips. A homemade jar of olives could have stayed in my kitchen and waited for my husband to come home but then there would be plenty while he was home. But how many would he get for the four months he is on the ship?

My husband's messy desk with the sacred olives

You will also see from the photo above that I was officially welcomed aboard by the cruise staff. I know the Cruise Director from many past contracts and when I got onboard I stashed a secret note in her box with some chocolate covered torrone. She figured out who it was and had our cabin door decorated while I was sleeping off my jet lag.

My husband was also happy to see me and sent flowers and chocolate strawberries…my bubble has been restored. And now I am off to the fish market to buy some fresh conch in Nassau, Bahamas. Have a nice day and a Happy Easter. I will probably not be able to blog again until I get back to Italy and besides, I’m on vacation ; )

Nice : )

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4 Responses to Welcome Aboard!

  1. Kayoh says:

    Glad to her you ended up having a great time after all! And must say, jealous of your olives! Happy Easter Leah!


  2. major2007 says:

    I would love to be there with you and I am sure that your are terrorizing the ship as much as possible. I hope you have a great time and if the cruise director is still Ressey, tell her hi from the big black dog Major and I know everyone if they are still there from when we sailed last year will remember the big black dog. I h ope you have fun and get rested.

  3. sabina says:

    Happy Easter to you, dear! I’m happy to read you are having a great holidays in the Carribean…hugs, Sabina

  4. major2007 says:

    Hope you are having a blast and look forward to hearing all about it when you get back home.

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