Who the F@ck made you God?

Three airplanes and a full, sleepless 24 hours later and I finally arrived at Charleston, South Carolina to a gorgeous full moon. It’s a miracle I was still standing or able to string a comprehensive sentence together for the last shuttle to the hotel. For the most part the journey was pleasant although far too long. My only hiccup was in Rome (oh, there’s a shocker), when the U.S. Airways Nazi bitch asked me for my Visa. As I politely explained that I didn’t need one because I am Canadian she got her underwear all in a twist because I obviously knew more than she did. Why or who has made these airline people think that they are the immigration police?

I calmly explained myself and she wasn’t buying it. I was like look lady, I’m not selling, it’s the truth. Can I get points for my flight by the way? She thrust 2 boarding passes at me and told me I had to return in ten minutes for a security check…as I sulked my way out of the line I thought what just happened? I grabbed a seat and looked at my boarding passes. Not only did she not ask me if I preferred a window seat she also neglected my request for airmiles to be credited to my ‘preferred customer’ account.

I was tired, but it was only the beginning of my journey and I was damned if I was going to let this woman get away with her rude treatment of me. I marched back in the line-up and waited. I got to her counter and put on my best smile, “hi, it’s me again, I know you are reallllllly busy, but in my confusion we forgot to assign my points…ahem, and also, I would like an aisle seat please.” “She says I’ve already printed your boarding passes to which I pointed out yeah and you never ASKED ME about my seating preference.” She gave me some song and dance about how she had no aisle seats left and then took my air miles card. I knew she was lying but I just smiled at her and walked away. When I got onboard, I was in the very last row, and guess what? The seat next to me was on the aisle and vacant!

I have flown US Airways many times and the rest of the crew were fantastic. You can be sure that once my jet lag passes I will be sending a comment to their website to complain about this woman. I am tired of being treated like a criminal especially before my morning tea!


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6 Responses to Who the F@ck made you God?

  1. major2007 says:

    I hope that the rest of the trip is better. I have always enjoyed flying U.S. Air and think that definitely a comment on their web site woyuld definitely be in order, there is absolutely no excuse for being rude like that.

  2. eloradaphne says:

    Poor thing! You are like some sort of magnet for these people…but don’t think about it – just enjoy the rest of your trip!! xoxox

  3. major2007 says:

    While you are on ship, drink a good Margarita for me as well and toast it to our friendship.

  4. Enrico says:

    Did you ever cross the border in Buffalo or at Pearson!!!!? they always ask questions like you are a criminal!!!! the first time at the falls, i waited 30 minutes and then i told the guy to give me back my documents because i want to be escorted back to Canada!!! fu@K the US falls anyway!!! in 2009 same story as i was going to catch a plane in BUF airport!!! i hate when some losers with ANY uniform treat you like a convict!!!… Post you email to US AIRWAYS i am sure it will be funny to read!! good luck on your trip!!!

  5. Dena says:

    I do not fly and i do not ever want to fly (I used to fly, but now I’m a big pansy ass about the whole thing). I just wanted to comment on how I love that you tagged this blog post under “bitch”. Cracked me up! Have a safe vacation and enjoy it!

  6. chrissandra says:

    URGHHHHH! It can only be positive from here on, I’m sure!

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