Canada here we come!

Start stocking up on maple fudge and hamburgers because hubby and I are coming to Canada! As usual, my husband was ‘fence sitting’ and decided a bit late in the season that he wanted to come to Canada this summer. I, of course was coming with or without him but was worried that perhaps he didn’t want a big trip this summer because he had a very busy winter and was a bit tired (ahem grumpy) and I just didn’t want the stress of having to deal with it.

But, he chirped up a few weeks ago that indeed he was wanting to go! Okay, well, when I go alone I camp out at friend’s and volley around from place to place like a bit of a gypsy but with husband in tow this is going to require a bit more organization. We will only have 2 weeks but they are in the height of the season and trying to find the perfect place to stay has become my challenge. I hate organizing this stuff because quite honestly I am very picky!

My husband loves Canada and of course I want him to always experience its riches as best as possible. I want him to experience fishing, canoeing and smores! I want him to also enjoy BBQ’s with my family and OFF spray : ) Unfortunately I was unable to book the place we were married at on Lake Ontario. It had already been booked and I was still wishful that I could find a place to stay for the entire 2 weeks.

As time and endless nights continued my search was getting a bit dismal and I was starting to think that maybe we should just stay in Italy for the summer and kick back here on a nearby lake. But my husband has not been back to Canada for three years and he wanted some maple fudge!

Just as I was about to give up I came across the perfect place! When I saw the photos I prayed that the cottage was available. Turned out it was but only for one week. Okay, well I loved it and I wanted it and so I decided that we would just have to split our vacation into two places.

The first week we are staying in a charming historical house in Niagara-on-the-lake. We love this area but we have already explored it a few times together so we only selected it because the house is really cute and it is near my family.
The first week will be here: Cottage week 1

And the second week will be on a beach in what I call a “Real Canadian Cottage” Cottage week 2
I can’t wait for week two because this is the place I fell in love with. As soon as I saw the photos I felt the stress of my search had reached its payoff.

And now I have to search for a flight and rental car! Will it ever end? My brother sent me this link…I think it is rather appropriate:


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6 Responses to Canada here we come!

  1. sabina says:

    Oh Leah, you have chosen lovely places…it’s a sort of paradise! And the video, ehm…is simply exilarating :-)!

  2. Enrico says:

    next time try this in Algonquin park it is called Bear Trail Resort:

  3. Looks lovely Enrico. I was trying to avoid Northern Ontario because we had ventured up that way already and it is very far away from most of my family and friends. (FYI: My first husband is from Bracebridge so I know Muskoka like the back of my hand!)

  4. eloradaphne says:

    Oh that video is so funny! I had to share it – so awesome!!

  5. Lin Hunnicutt says:

    It all sounds lovely and a place I would not mind going some time.

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