I’ve got a crush on the fruit & veggie guy

Okay, aside from the obvious (I’m alone too much and I develop crushes on any man that smiles at me and treats me like a human being)…One of the things that I find incredibly charming about Italy is the way that they shop. But I’ll be honest here, I come from that North American attitude of get what you need in one shot and get the hell out. I used to loathe food shopping. But, here in Italy it’s a national past time, I mean after all, isn’t this why we all love Italian food?

Shopping for food here becomes personal. In fact, the shop keepers frown upon the customers touching their produce, it’s like a direct insult. You must point or say what you want and let them choose the perfect size and freshness for you. Now, for someone like me who doesn’t know her courgettes from a celery stalk that’s perfectly fine with me. And his strawberries actually taste like a strawberry, unlike the manufactured ones you get in the supermarket that have no flavour.

I think flirting with the veggie guy is also a bit of mild entertainment for me. Even tonight I got the older lady instead and I felt like we were “connecting on a local level” when some other customer starting “handling her apples”, she looked at me and clucked how dare this woman touch her produce, what does she want! Haha, for the first time I felt like I was not the foreigner for a change.

So word up to all you tourists out there, if you want an apple buy an apple, but for God’s sake don’t touch them all first! Madonna!!!

Clipart compliments of Lillyart.com : )

Compliments of ©Lillyarts.com


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1 Response to I’ve got a crush on the fruit & veggie guy

  1. Sabina says:

    Ha…ha..Leah, beware…you are becoming a perfect italian housewife 🙂

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