Mechanical perverts (sounds like a catchy rock band eh?)

I’m just curious, are all mechanics born perverts? And I don’t mean just Italian ones either. As I hiked it back up to the other end of town to pick up my broken car I was whisked into a back room to shell out a mere 75 Euros to fix the fan. But what was rather obvious in what seemed like 10 minute time span, were the giant-sized naked calendar girls all over the office walls. Clearly this guy doesn’t get too many female customers and his “Mama” never disturbs him at work!

I’m not easily offended but at 9:00 a.m. I’d rather not be staring into another woman’s, ahem, “beaver”. I mean honestly, can’t this guy keep his sexual preferences in the bathroom or something? It made me feel a bit naked beside him as he gave me a once over before handing me back my car keys.

I’ve also succumbed to the law and shelled out another 80 Euros to pay for the parking tickets (sometimes you have to just accept that it is a losing battle). I’m away next month and really don’t need the extra hassles of chasing down the law to have some stupid loophole piss me off and then pay double. I just value my time and sanity more that 80 Euros I guess.

And now I am off to a few lessons before rushing to the doctor’s office for a much-needed allergy appointment (better late than never). I wonder what that’s going to cost me???

Looks like grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner again!~


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4 Responses to Mechanical perverts (sounds like a catchy rock band eh?)

  1. kay says:

    Not mechanics in my area, but some of the oithers…
    Maybe it’s because I’m older than you but… no, when I picked up MY car from the garage this morning the lovely mechanic/garage owner who looks like a cuddly teddy bear certainly made me feel fully clothed and very safe! I think he is still coming to terms with having this foreigner as a client. He looked quite shy coming to collect my keys at the house yesterday (car abandoned outside a cemetery on Saturday night… as you do… and yes, the problem was the fan belt!)

  2. kay says:

    On second thoughts, thinking back to garages in New Zealand… yes, I think you have a point!

  3. Enrico says:

    I forgot about the calendars… i have to say that in Canada is not allowed to have such things posted on public places!!! and that is more than fine with me… on the other hand, i would have fought the ticket thing but agter all, i am a “ropiballe” (that is what my wife say) 🙂

  4. Ahhh, let me clarify the ticket thing because I probably should have continued with the entire story here…it’s long and complicated (Hello, we are talking about Italy) I paid them because in the end I was wrong! Technically I was in fact given the wrong permit, however the permit guy gave me a street name list of where I could park outside of my “G” permit. I could have sworn that the street I parked on was on that list, however when I dug out said list it was in fact NOT on the list, therefore I fucked up…but so did the parking permit dude…BUT, not quite. I gave him a copy of my lease which has my address written on it…but it doesn’t say “inferiore”, I live on the bottom half of the scalinata and there is of course a “superiore” too. The lease didn’t specify and the computer automatically assumed I lived in the “superiore” portion of the scalinata…call it a comedy of errors, but I probably would have lost if I contested the tickets based on all these facts! Otherwise, I’m like you, I would have made them all eat crow, instead it is I that has eaten the crow.

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